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    Data Recovery Services and Emergency Support UAE/Juba

    Data recovery services – as applied to the information technology field – are an occasionally needed but essential part of information management. Thankfully, so-called force majeure events do not occur every month. In fact, it is quite possible that the disaster, against which business owners and disaster a recovery professional has to plan and prepare protection measures, will never strike. Nevertheless, if it does strike, a disaster data recovery plan will often make the difference between continuing business operation and filing for bankruptcy, or worse. And our company offers in UAE/Juba a full spectrum of services aimed at protecting our client’s data and information systems from any accidents.

    Our Disaster Data Recovery Services for Businesses

    We consider information security and contingency plans a most serious matter. The services we offer to our clients as part of our disaster data recovery program include

    • Regular data backup
    • Power protection equipment and services
    • Data recovery solutions
    • Cloud-based RaaS (Recovery as a service)

    Please note that, in order for the entire plan to succeed and ensure the business continuity of your company in case of emergency, certain plan’s features must be implemented as everyday protective practices. For example, valuable information, such as your company’s transactions with suppliers and customers, should be backed up often (up to twice a day). This may seem excessive, but data recovery without regular backups is expensive and sometimes impossible. To set up your disaster recovery plan – or review the existing one – contact us today