Full-suite IT consultancy
TLS IT is a professional IT services provider operating out of the UAE market. An innovator in the market TLS IT delivers expertise for all IT integration projects that combine IT and network solutions. Our solutions are time-efficient, unique and provide the simplicity of usage with cost reduction while overcoming all IT challenges faced by an organization.

TLS IT offers end-to-end IT solutions for start-up companies or established companies that need to expand their existing network owing to advanced growth. With an experienced team that is knowledgeable in implementing the full suite of solutions required by an organization, TLS IT has the technical ability to service across the UAE and integrate branch offices within individual emirates.

Our Mission

TLS IT provides reliable and innovative IT solutions that work for the long-term business needs of our customers. Our mission is to deliver smart solutions that result in satisfied customers who understand the business returns that are generated from IT investment. More importantly, our customers can stay ahead of the competition.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading IT consultancy firm in the region by offering the entire spectrum of services relevant to the IT industry. Our sophisticated level of service, timely integration, and knowledge of the needs of the customer helps us strive to build a business relationship with our customers with a high level of satisfaction.

Our Values

TLS IT values knowledge. Simply put, our team of technically certified engineers is experts in providing all IT products and solutions to cater to the needs of the customer. TLS IT also values innovation. We believe innovation is the key to deliver effective IT solutions without becoming too cumbersome for the customer. Ultimately, we value customer satisfaction and we are relentless in its pursuit, combining knowledge, expertise, and time-efficient solutions that aid the customer to seamlessly continue their operations while achieving their business goals.
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Flexible IT solutions

As an IT consultancy firm, TLS IT is well-equipped to understand that IT must be flexible depending on the needs of an organization.


Our team is well qualified in all areas of IT allowing us to be the leading IT consultancy in the UAE. Our customer profile is long and varied, with long lasting business relationships formed over the years.

Cost-effective solutions

TLS IT is the go-to IT consultancy for IT investment that offers returns for a business in the long run. Our solutions are simple and effective without causing disruption to the business.