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    Remote Technical Support

    Remote IT support is one of the greatest advantages that IT outsourcing can offer to a business. On one hand, you don’t need to keep a dedicated work station available for the support specialist at all times. On the other, you are certain that the routine maintenance tasks and common IT issues that arise on a daily basis are taken care of regularly and on time. Getting IT to support online also has the benefit of short response times and, in most instances, direct involvement of the support provider in performing the necessary IT tasks on computers in your office.

    TLS IT Remote Support Services

    The set of IT support services we offer remotely includes the following

    • Basic troubleshooting and Q&A
    • User walk-through instructions
    • Regular and scheduled maintenance tasks (such as software updates, data backup, etc.)
    • Remote monitoring of system performance.

    For communicating remotely with our clients and performing necessary operations on their computers, we utilize the entire spectrum of online IT support methods that modern technology offers: voiceover software, text-only channels like email or chat, and remote desktop applications. We use a combination of different communication means, aiming to provide our clients with timely, quality remote IT support – and, wherever possible, cut the costs they incur