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    Network Planning & Design

    All business nowadays is highly dependent on communication technology. Be it a corporate intranet, a CRM solution for tracking and managing customer relations, or electronic data exchange with partners and suppliers, a modern enterprise can’t do without a reliable computer network.

    A thorough network planning and design process are necessary to ensure that the network design solutions to be implemented truly match the needs of the business. In general, the process has the following stages:

    • Business IT requirements audit
    • Long- and medium-term network design and planning
    • Short-term network planning
    • Hardware installation and configuration
    • Regular operation and maintenance

    Things to Keep in Mind

    A significant amount of attention should be paid to information security considerations and secure network design as their core part. Information and data are, without exaggeration, one of the most important intangible business assets, so one should make all efforts possible to protect them.

    Although typically people tend to think of the Internet when speaking about networks and network design, enterprise network design usually includes much more than just a local network with Internet access. Intranet, voiceover telephony, video surveillance, and other communication technologies are also covered by the concept of telecommunication network design.

    A good network planning and design practice should also involve powerful scalability features. If your company grows, you may need additional facilities to meet the growing needs. This is especially important for small business network design when the main objective is to start working as soon as possible – in this case, often little to no attention is paid to the issue of future growth, which may cause many regrets in just a few years.

    Network Planning & Design
    Our Network Planning Services

    Although IT audit and computer system health check is directly related to information technology and should be performed by qualified IT professionals, in essence it is an asset management operation. Indeed, all the IT equipment and software used by a business, taken in its entirety, is an asset that has initial and maintenance costs, advantages that bring or increase the company income, and the resulting value – all attributes of a business asset. TLS IT consultants who are both highly knowledgeable IT professionals and skilled business management specialists provide our clients with top-notch IT audit services.