VPN Network Monitoring

Being able to access commercial information securely from anywhere is an essential need for many types of business. Using a VPN (virtual private network) it is also possible to connect offices in different geographic locations into one network for safe and quick data exchange. TLS IT provides services for high-quality VPN monitoring to create a reliable, well-managed VPN network with further advantages:

  • Smooth, failsafe network operation
  • High security level for data exchange due to strong encryption
  • Protection from outside attacks and inner collisions
  • Efficient resource distribution and consumption inside network
  • Constant technical support for quick resolving of any issues
  • Timely software updates

Efficient Network Monitoring

If you value your business stability, you should apply for the service of network monitoring that helps to prevent the downtime by timely reaction on any issues in its operation. Downtime often costs a lot, and the major purpose of LAN network monitoring is to minimize the risks of such losses. TLS IT specialists will keep your network equipment, software and services functioning 24/7.

If our specialists notice any network failure, it will be fixed as soon as possible without any data loss and other negative consequences. You enterprise network monitoring is not limited by simply pinging the IP. Our complex approach keeps every device and port controlled.

Benefits and Guarantee

Depending on the equipment used in your network TLS IT specialists produce individual monitoring approach. For instance, CISCO network monitoring implies using specialized software. It features hardware operation control, traffic analysis, performance monitoring and other tools for complex network management. Based on the performed analysis TLS IT specialists are able to resolve any network issue quickly. As a result, our customer gets:

• Utmost network stability.

• Better quality of operation.

• Full control under network resource consuming.

• Minimized downtime risks.

• High-level data security.

Apply for wireless network monitoring as a sole service or a part of your individual IT maintenance plan.

Server Management

What Servers Do

A server management service requires a number of highest qualifications from the service provider. Computer servers are the machines that comprise the heart of a traditional information technology system. Upon receiving a request from another computer, they provide the requested data, which they either grab from a special storage location or store on their own. For this reason, servers must be powerful, securely protected from both virtual and physical threats, and running practically all the time.

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