Cloud ERP Systems

TLS IT offers unique solution for implementing your company’s ERP system. We provide a powerful combination of standard ERP system and cloud computing technologies for maximally flexible management of your business processes. Our cloud based ERP solutions are suitable for small to big business enterprises, helping to fulfil their potential and optimize the expense of technical and human resources for achieving business goals. A properly setup ERP in cloud allows reducing costs, streamlining the administration and optimizing business processes in combination with maximal ease of use.

• Speed of operation: cloud apps process data 60% faster than standard ones, such high performance is essential in managing numerous documents at multi-user mode;

• Security: cloud environment is safely isolated form third-parties due to highly reliable access management and data encryption;

• Cost-efficiency: cloud technology solutions help to save money on licenses. In general, cloud services help to achieve business objectives faster, providing quicker process operation. And moreover, they make you independent from hardware failures.

Cloud ERP Philosophy

The most of companies invest in their human resources, fixed assets and other resources for fulfilling specific business purposes. ERP system is responsible for efficient management of all these resources. And cloud ERP system provides maximal flexibility and mobility of ERP service. Moreover, it offers significant reduce of hardware expenses.

End-to-end Solution

ERP system is always a custom solution in a certain sense, as it requires reflecting the specific business infrastructure in full. TLS IT provides fully customizable cloud based ERP systems with highly-detailed adjustments and further expanding due to your business development. You can always apply for maintenance and upgrade services to modify the initial configuration of your ERP on cloud system. Such solution offers numerous valuable benefits:

• Global access from any devices connected to Internet;

• Quick time to value;

• Maximal cost-efficiency;

• Full mobility and expandability;

• Simplicity of operation.

TLS IT has many years of experience in setting up and administering of numerous ERP systems and ready to share this experience with customers. You can break numerous barriers in business management, integrating the highest standards of cloud ERP solutions into your enterprise. Our specialists guarantee maximally attentive analysis of your business needs and offering the best cloud ERP configuration.

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